SEO friendly services, we focus mainly on 2 major parts of Search Engine Optimization methods as follow:

On Page SEO & Off Page SEO

On Page SEO covers what can be done on the Webpage(s) itself. Here we normally begin with Keyword selection & research. It is essential to have a thoroughly research on the intended keywords that is relevant to your business so that your website will rank first page on the search engine while someone is searching for your business.

Secondly, we analyze your Meta tag, ALT tag & H1 tag to ensure everything is fill up correctly so that search engine spider will not miss anything on your website. Some strategies may apply here to ensure your internal link is linked appropriately to one another for indexing.

Followed by your website content, consistent keywords in your content will ensure different ranking for your website. But NOT over doing it. Over optimizing keywords will hurt your keyword density. Here, we have tools to check on the keyword density for not overly optimize.

Ultimately, tracking on those profit keywords for our clients is very important for a SEO expert. We can’t just let our clients’ competitor take over their business by not focusing on those MONEY keywords.

Meanwhile Off Page SEO is mainly focusing on offsite backlinking to improve your sites search engine rankings. By adding an extra or more relevant links to your website will have a better ranking in search engines. But this may take up a long hours to spot good link to link with them.

Therefore, BigSizeSEO is here to offer those who want to have a better search ranking with profitable website and brand awareness whilst improving their sales online.

Our clients can expect results between 3 -6 months depending on their nature of business, industries and how competitive the keywords are. Our clients can count on us as our methods used are white hat only. We don’t do spammy SEO or any SEO mistake by just simply get our job done for our clients.