SEO Algorithm – What is an Algorithm SEO

Al-Khwarizmi’s is a Persian mathematician work on algebra paved the way for many future discoveries in mathematics. His work also introduced Arabic numerals to the modern world. And Baghdad was the international center for scientific study during the time.

He developed the process of performing arithmetic with Arabic numerals, which is in the eighteenth century the name evolved into algorithm before was known as algorism. Algorithms are also the building blocks of computer programming.

Algorithms provide a logical sequence of steps to accomplish a single task. Different algorithms may be employed in the same application, such as sorting and searching files, or calculating the shortest route from one location to another on a map.

In addition, algorithms are the backbone of the internet. They have been used for centuries to organize, sort, and filter information. In their current state, they have been used as a means to feed information platforms such as Google and Amazon with a high volume of content.

For this reason, algorithms are starting to become commonplace in our everyday lives. They’re used in linguistics, computers, and mathematics. Algorithms can be helpful or harmful depending on the intentions of the person who created them.

The reality is far from it. Algorithms are complex and have a wide variety of applications in science, engineering, business, government and other fields.

However, they can be a little disappointing as they are more like a list of ingredients than an actual recipe. They make it too easy to produce texts without thinking about what is being said and how it will be interpreted by the reader.

Algorithms can be found in just about all computational processes, from making cookies to predicting the weather. The success of meal prep depends on following the recipe closely. If you do that, then you might have a pretty good meal.

If you follow the algorithm, you will usually find the best solution. You can design complex algorithms using a simple algorithm.

Computers use algorithms to process information. All software were designed with algorithms that tell the computer how to behave in certain situations. Computers usually get input from a device to execute through algorithms. In order to be successful, the algorithms need to be carefully written for a machine to understand them.

Programmers need to consider every possible scenario and put in place series of algorithms in order to come up with a set of instructions for computer programs, microchips, and robots.

It’s important that designers don’t change the order of instructions. Computers are not able to handle an algorithm that’s in the wrong place.

Progressing through the algorithm in order was called flow of control. It must be done in a specific order. Flow of control is important because it ensures that a program runs in a logical order from start to finish.

One way to look at an algorithm is as a series of steps that follows a logical progression. They can include natural languages, flowcharts, pseudocode, and programming languages.

Most expression algorithms are simple. Computers are using programming languages that were intended for expressing algorithms. Some algorithms are classified as globally applicable, some are specific to one task, and some are contextual.

Furthermore, the Search Engines algorithms have been work in progress since their invention. Whether it is Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other Search Engines, the goal is to provide the user with relevant results that answer their query.

In order for this to happen, the Search Engine must be able to understand what users are looking for and offer them just that. However, as SEO professionals have discovered, this is not always the case, and it can often take days to fix the issue.

Since Search Engine Optimization is a form of marketing aimed at increasing the visibility of a web page in a Search Engine’s results. These internet searches use algorithms to rank pages higher based on keywords, phrases or other relevant indicators.

Therefore, Googlebot or Google’s web crawler relies on a link analysis algorithm to index and rank web pages. If you want to rank well in Google’s Search Engine, avoid duplicate content.

In fact, Search Engines are trying to prevent people from using underhanded schemes to tweak Search Engine rankings. If you’re interested in SEO, just remember that the best thing you can do is act naturally and focus on putting out original content rather than trying to game the system.

How to do keyword research for your website?

You already know how to check your website indexation on Google from my last post and here is another step to obtain more organic traffic from Search Engines. This method require no expensive tools and have a limited usage.

If you are running an online business and have no idea about the monthly targeted search terms, you will not know how much demand are for your products or services. The more demand (high volume) the keywords have, the harder you are going to rank higher.

Therefore, you need to look for alternative or related keywords to replace for your chosen search terms and alternative keywords which will attract different types of visitors. Now, we are not going after traffic but revenue, profit and visitors. Right?

This powerful keyword research started with a seed (broad) keyword such as laptop.

After you have generated a list of relevant keywords, you may filter/remove all those unrelated keywords to fit your requirements or specific (exact) search terms as shown in the video.

You can also cut short the keywords research process by using paid ads.

Keywords research are what the online marketers does in research for their profitable products. They picked a product and then head over to their favorite keywords research tool platform to locate their products demand online. If there’s a demand, hence, they have found a winner for themselves and be able to turn their website into 24/7 selling machine.

Don’t forget keyword research alone will enable you to outperform many of your competitors whom may not have done a deep keyword research such as unique keywords which is not being used by your competitors.

By using wordtracker, you are able to discover hidden keywords or phrases for your online business.

Now, you have already equip with keyword research strategy and be able to find profitable keywords to improve your online marketing strategy and revenue.

Best SEO for Small Business

The best SEO for small business will bring visitors to your online store and convert them into your customers. Paid advertising will work for small business even if you have low budget or just start-up your online business.

As you already know, SEO or paid advertising is a must for website owner to attract more customers online as part of the Marketing Online process. Since you may take sometime to learn SEO due to your business commitment, you should consider to engage SEO expert to carry part of your burden. In this case, you will keep on getting orders and deliveries at the same time.

The beauty part of SEO is that small business owner’s can get fast results, long-term business growth, online reputation, brand awareness and so on.

Let’s see what are the SEO steps should be taken in order to get more visitors.

First thing first, in order to get traffic from search engines. A business website must be indexed by Google or otherwise it won’t get ranked. In short, website indexing, create content, wait for ranking, and attract visitors.

Webpages indexing on Google are fast, usually within few minutes but ranking will take longer period of time.

Here is the query you can check your domain indexation by Google and Bing = “” without the quotes.

Secondly, your webpages navigation should have a good link structure so that visitors should be able to find what they are looking for such as your homepage, about, content and products or services page. If you are looking to add more contents later on, Big Size SEO recommend you to install a user friendly WordPress theme as it allows you to add more than 100 pages or posts later on.

Thirdly, this is for people who runs a business locally. Local SEO is equally important for local business owner to get more exposure in their neighborhood. It could be Local SEO Subang, Famous Rojak Subang and so on. A responsive and speed loading website is unavoidable. Visitors can make appointment or inquiry via their hand phone and browse their items in a speedy way.

Last but not least, the above are just part of the solutions. SEO is a very powerful vehicle to online marketing. All you need is to stick to your plan or otherwise you will not see results. However, there are proven ways to drive targeted visitors to your website which have not been discuss in this post. That includes, quality link building, social media marketing, effective keyword research, content creation, spy on your competitors, advanced tools and so on.

Should you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact Big Size SEO for your SEO or local SEO solutions.